About us

Introducing dmc-ortim

dmc-ortim is a mid-range company based near to in Kiel in Schleswig-Holstein, Germany, and is represented by branch offices and partners throughout Europe. Since as far back as 1986, we have dealt with the complex and sensitive topic of work planning/work organization and time management.

The company's founder, Ernst Neubert, was highly successful in this field and worked for a number of companies, including VW, Ford and other large and medium-sized enterprises.For our customers, we develop practice-oriented, innovative hardware and software solutions in the field of management engineering, particularly, however, in the field time management and work planning/work organization. Our products constitute an integrated solution that ecompasses time measurement (ORTIM a5, ORTIM c3, ORTIM b3), processing, administration and evaluation of time studies (ORTIMzeit, ORTIMassistent), calculation of standard time formulas (ORTIMplan) and the automatic generation of work plans (ORTIMplan). By performing a self-notation (signal generator) and subsequent evaluation (ORTIMnotes), it is also possible to optimize procedures for which traditional means of time measurement cannot be used for organizational reasons.

Our product range is complemented by our consulting services, which are provided by highly experienced field workers and who have been trained on our products. Using dmc-ortim products helps you to prepare your calculations and route sheets more swiftly and reliably, besides making these more cost-efficient to produce.